Regulatory Compliance

New laws and industry specific regulations have brought higher levels of accountability and need for greater transparency. Increasing demands for reliable governance flows from senior board level down to junior management level.

Solid corporate governance and compliance can often be seen by management as increasing costs with little benefit or return. Evolution can help create and maintain a culture of legal and regulatory awareness. Ensuring that all your major stakeholders embrace compliance as a positive development in your organisation’s growth is vital. Compliance should act as a competitive advantage, demonstrating that your organisation has a culture of high performance, of exceeding expectations and of robust and reliable procedures.

Compliance with these standards requires:

  • An in-depth understanding of your own organisation
  • The technical expertise to assess your security infrastructure with regard to relevant standards
  • A thorough understanding of the standards themselves
  • The time and resources to ensure compliance is an ongoing concern rather than a one-off task

Obviously you have the first but how about the rest? Unless you have a team dedicated to regulatory compliance it’s almost impossible to keep track of the regulatory landscape and have the information security expertise to understand how it affects you. Even if you can, do you have the time and tools to keep up with requirements?

Fortunately, Evolution has just such a team, and by focussing exclusively on standards compliance, we can confidently offer assessment, scanning, remediation and support in all of the following areas:

  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • TVRA (Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment)
  • Monetary Authority Independent Assessment
  • ISO 27001 / 27002
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Compliance awareness training
  • And other industry specific security standards

It would seem Compliance with your own internal standards would be the simplest to achieve, but all too often it is often the most commonly neglected. Without regular assessments occurring against your own policy documents you simply won’t know if you’re hitting the targets you’ve set for your organisation, and failure to live up to these can be extremely dangerous…There’s a reason you established them in the first place after all!