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Evidencing Compliance just got easier with DCAT:

You probably know your obligations under GDPR and are already implementing the appropriate procedures and policies. The focus however has moved on from “what do we need to do?” to “How do we prove what we have done?” Evidencing your actions and having the correct documentation are going to help you in the case of any investigation.

Our cloud based Data Compliance Audit Tracker (DCAT) is designed by compliance auditors to give you all the evidence you need to keep you compliant. DCAT tracks, audits and manages all actions from DSAR requests to applying risk categories to assets and allocating resources accordingly. Designed for business from small companies to multi nationals DCAT keeps on top of your compliance obligations.

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Full suit of reports, logs/stores subject access requests, logs/stores ICO breach notifications.

Evidences your GDPR Actions, Simple straightforward easy to use portal scalable from small to large enterprises.

GDPR Health check allowing you to set a baseline to determine how close to compliance you are.

The GDPR contains explicit provisions about documenting and evidencing your processing activities.

Documentation can help you comply with other aspects of the GDPR and improve your data governance.

  • You must maintain records on several things such as processing purposes, data sharing and retention.
  • You may be required to make the records available to the ICO on request.
  • Controllers and processors both have documentation obligations.
  • For small and medium-sized organisations, documentation requirements are limited to certain types of processing activities.
  • Information audits or data-mapping exercises can feed into the documentation of your processing activities.
  • Records must be kept in writing (in paper or electronic form). Most organisations will benefit from maintaining their records electronically.
  • Records must be kept up to date and reflect your current processing activities.

DCAT saves us money and time by eliminating various spreadsheets. With its easy to use intuitive platform and customisable dashboard, we are able to evidence and report on our status 24/7.


Pricing is subscription based and calculated from the number of employees in your organisation, we offer pricing from 1 employee to enterprise size companies, with no set up fee. For greater numbers we would discuss your requirement in further detail.

DCAT is a cloud based platform that manages and records the process and actions you have taken to comply with whatever regulation you have to comply with.

We carry out an automated asset discovery exercise creating an asset register from which you select the assets that represent a risk and input the asset register into DCAT

No we do not touch or copy any data, we report on the risk associated with compromising that data or asset.

DCAT is priced on the number of employees in your company, enabling us/you to scale from single employer to enterprise size accounts.

DCAT is a cloud based platform, once signed up we send you a link to register and we set you up the same day.