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Risk Assessment

Without understanding the risks your organisation faces you have no way to deliver a strategy to defend against them. Evolution’s risk-assessment services provide the baseline from which to build the most appropriate information security program for your organization.

Each organisation is unique so the threats and solutions need to be correctly assessed to ensure that they are appropriate and are, the best fit for your business. Information security risks include the possibility of business damage due to loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information.

Evolution’s proven methodology, delivered by our expert auditors will guide you through your risk challenges and help you assess the critical elements.

The assessment covers key activities such as:

  • Discovery
  • Control Assessment
  • Threat Assessment
  • Risk Formulation
  • Asset Classification
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Impact & Likelihood Assessment

Resulting in a full risk assessment findings report which is deliver to your team to help guide decision-making that is in-line with your risk posture.