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eSecure Passport

The strongest digital perimeter in the world is useless if the bad guys get through the back door – that’s why eSecure Passport provides sophisticated, two-by-two authentication based on a combination of industry leading solutions. By bringing together multiple authentication methods into a single package that is simple for users we deliver the absolute best in authentication without the support or administration headaches commonly associated with strong authentication.

A secondary layer of authentication using one-time passwords is the backbone of most multi-factor authentication systems, and eSecure passport is no different in that respect. However, we can often reduce the need for costly and cumbersome tokens by delivering passwords over SMS or other secure methods which require no new hardware. Two-by-two authentication also eliminates the possibility of a successful phishing or social engineering attack against a user, but retains the ease of use of traditional two-factor authentication for end users.

Further authentication security can be incorporated into eSecure Passport as you need it, including two-by-two and biometric authentication as well as separate authentication zones and rules for different resources such as network access, email access, web application usage and so on.

Management and monitoring of your eSecure Passport service is performed via our Authentication Control Panel, itself part of our larger Unified Digital Defence Portal.