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eSecure Monitor

eSecure Monitor provides centralized management and monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure. It can be deployed quickly to achieve 100% coverage while giving you unparalleled flexibility, and employs a wide array of monitoring techniques to match your specific requirements for efficiency, speed, overhead and maintenance. Monitor integrates with any TCP/IP enabled device or service – web servers, database servers, mail servers, desktops and many more – to provide constant feedback on uptime and service availability.

Monitor can alert relevant staff when problems arise via email or SMS and incorporates a full escalation management system so appropriate action can be taken at different severity levels. Monitor also delivers in-depth reporting on your network and applications allowing you to review historic usage, spot potential weak points and more fully understand your IT infrastructure.


Compatibility with any TCP/IP fluent hardware or software

Built using the open protocols of the Internet, eSecure Monitor speaks the same language as your hardware or services, no matter which vendor created them.

Simple and advanced monitoring options

eSecure Monitor can interrogate the availability of assets and the quality of service being delivered in as much or as little detail as you need. Simple polling of assets can be performed with scheduled requests, while advanced monitoring can perform tests such as querying an application’s status using scripting techniques, or uploading a file to an FTP service.

Flexible alerting and escalation procedures

eSecure monitor can alert staff with information on assets that have failed or are in danger, in real time, via SMS, email, phone and fax. A powerful configuration system allows bespoke responses to any level of problem with any asset, and facilitates routing of alerts to the right people by accounting for shift patterns, chains of command and more.

Simple and secure management

All eSecure Monitor administration and management can be carried our through our Unified Digital Defence portal, a user-friendly web interface allowing secure access to eSecure Monitor from anywhere in the world. Dual factor authentication combined with a hierarchical groups/roles/users structure ensures administrators at various levels