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Our Sectors

eSecure Managed IT Security Services are used by a wide range of organisations across the globe. However, we have built up a particularly large body of experience in the following sectors:

Finance and Insurance

We count some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions among our clients, and provide Managed IT Security Services to their operations in Europe and Asia.


Throughout the UK we have built up a particular affinity with the needs of legal practices large and small, and bring an in-depth understanding of their needs to the table.


Our team is well versed in the specific needs of retail business large and small. For example, we recognise that many front-line staff will have limited IT knowledge, and our solutions are tailored to fit this.


IT Security is everything to online business, and we have a long track record of helping eBusinesses secure and maintain mission critical resources.

Further information and case studies are available on our processes and clients in each of these spaces. Please contact us for details.