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The technology behind eSecure Managed IT Security Services.

All eSecure solutions are built on two fundemenatal principles: using the best people alongside the best technology gets world-class results. You can have the strongest and fastest firewall in the world, but it means little if it’s not congfigured correctly! With this in mind we see our engineering team and our network infrastructure as inseperable – one without the other can be useful, but only when combined can they deliver the best-in-class solutions our clients demand.

Global Network

eSecure is a true 24/7 operation, with Network Operations Centres (NOCs) throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. Manned around the clock with top-flight engineers, our NOCs are constantly monitored and managed by the best in the business. Several layers of redunancy and failover capabilities between NOCs gaurentee “five nines” uptime, and all locations have the ability to quickly take on the mantle of Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) should any issues arise at our existing facility in The Channel Islands.

Vendor partnerships

We have long term relationships with leading IT security hardware and software vendors that allow us to closely integrate our products with theirs, frequently in conjunction with similair products from other vendors. A good example of this is eSecure Mail, which always utilises a minimum of three Anti Virus scanning engines from the top 3 AV companies globally. Bringing multiple solutions to bear like this allows us to offer more in-depth protection than any single vendor solution can provide.

Best-in-class hardware and infrastructure

At peak times our network can be processing hundreds of thousands of requests a minute, yet we have maintained absolutely minimal latency across all services since inception. We do this through a rigourous policy of over-speccing all elements of our infrastructure, particularly connectivity and hardware. All NOCs are connected to multiple teir-1 carriers and situated close to trans-continental connection points, while hardware is, without fail, the best available for the job. We frequently use base machines from leading vendors and further enhance these with our own propritary technology and techniques for even faster, more reliable services.

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